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With lots of proposals over Christmas, the New Year and Valentine’s Day it is worth thinking about not only your preferred month of the year to marry but also the day of the week.

Back in September 2019 the Daily Mail ran an article highlighting why more wedding couples are opting for a Monday wedding as it is more affordable – perhaps leaving more money to spend on “special extras” for their wedding day (Magic Mirror, Prosecco Bar, Donut Wall, fireworks) or a more exotic honeymoon!

If you think about it, it can make a great deal of sense – the choice of venue and all the arrangements will be the same, irrespective of the day of the week you choose, which means your photographs and memories will be the same.

Also changes to traditional work patterns are making it more convenient for everyone. Traditionally, Saturday has been the most popular day as the majority of people worked Monday to Friday. However, in the 21st century more people are working across the whole week, so it’s easier for guests to attend a wedding on any day of the week.

Here at Yew Lodge Country House, we wanted to investigate a bit further. We reviewed the total number of wedding enquiries we received in the month of November 2019 and came up with the following statistics which make interesting reading:

Monday – Thursday: 52%
Friday: 13%
Saturday: 27%
Sunday: 6%

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